Propolis Capsules

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Propolis, The Beehive’s Defender.

Used by the bees to maintain their health and keep their hive sterile.

Propolis is often taken at the onset of winter or when there is prior knowledge of a forthcoming hospital stay, travel by air and by those working in the confines of a congested environment. It is especially recommended for those with a compromised immune system or susceptibility to infection and especially useful for those who prefer not to take honey.

With over 180 active phyto-chemicals, Propolis is a complex, highly active, antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. This natural antibiotic is the most scientifically studied of all the beehive products and is becoming increasingly important where there is resistance to man-made antibiotics. With ever more research into the benefits of Propolis being published, many people are including this in their daily diet to maintain good health.

100% Vegetarian.

Pot of 60 

Each capsule is equivalent to 1000mgs of premium quality raw propolis.

Ingredients: Purified, raw propolis, bee pollen.
Capsule shell: Vegetable cellulose.