Tincture of Propolis

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Propolis, The Beehive’s Defender.


"Was recommended to use your propolis 20 years ago for a dental abscess. Now won't travel without it. It is my "go to" for burns, cuts, blackthorn injury, cold sores, sore throats, cuts on dogs. So much. Always have a spare bottle for a friend in need."

- Caroline Fitzpatrick

With over 180 active phytochemicals, Propolis is a complex, highly active, antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

This natural antibiotic is the most scientifically studied of all the beehive products and is becoming increasingly important for compromised immune systems, especially where there is resistance to man-made antibiotics. Propolis is often taken at the onset of winter or when there is prior knowledge of a forthcoming hospital stay or travel by air. With ever more research into the benefits of Propolis being published, many are including this in their daily regime to maintain good health. Tincture of Propolis has a special affinity with the mouth and gums and is often used by dentists to promote good dental hygiene.

It is an ideal addition to the home medicine cabinet and has the added benefit of being analgesic when applied externally to wounds, stings and skin trauma.

With deference to those who wish to abstain from alcohol, this tincture is in a glycol base.

25ml Bottle

Ingredients: Purified Propolis in a glycol base


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    Tincture of Propolis

    Posted by Jo on 23rd May 2024

    This tincture comes in a handy bottle with dropper, so you can easily measure the amount you want to give yourself. It has a taste thats not exactly delicious, but it feels full of serious content. So I hide it in a corner of my fruit, yogurt, meusli etc in the morning, and my taste buds are not troubled. I was told to take it as part of protocol for a serious condition I have. And I have the feeling that this, along with the bee pollen granules, and other things is helping me towards recovery.

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    Tincture of propolis

    Posted by Lorraine on 2nd May 2024

    This is fantastic, I use it for all my ailments from mouth ulcers to sore throats, spots the list goes on. I have recommended this all my family and friends.

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    Tincture of Propolis

    Posted by Vicky on 24th Apr 2024

    Mainstay of my first aid box. Great for just about anything! My go to first line of defence when I feel a cold or sore throat about to take hold. Highly recommend. You even get used to the taste - which lets be honest isn't great. :)

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    Posted by GARETH JONES on 4th Apr 2024

    Excellent product , been using for years

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    I love this

    Posted by Sue Clarke on 5th Mar 2024

    I’ve used this for many years to prevent and heal mouth ulcers. It’s fab and stops early ulcers before they start. Highly recommend

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    Amazing product

    Posted by Lynn Jones on 25th Feb 2024

    We use this for our dogs ear problems.Prior to being given a phial of propolis by a friend -who saw you at the Royal Welsh Show - Truffle the cockapoo had to attend the vets several times a year for ear infection problems. Now a few applications of propolis soothes and heals every time. I have recommended to others. Oh and it is great for humans too in other ways

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    Tincture of Propolis

    Posted by Sian Saunders on 12th Feb 2024

    This is my second purchase of the tincture of propolis. When I take it , it gives me a pick up and has warded off the winter cold.

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    Tincture of Propolis

    Posted by Rebecca on 9th Jan 2024

    I don't think I was imagining it when my 12yr old daughter's persistent night time cough stopped almost immediately after taking this. The same again in the morning. I am looking forward to trying this product for all of the things it could help with!

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    Tincture of Propolis

    Posted by Sian Saunders on 1st Jan 2024

    First time using and very impressed. A few drops in water to drink when I had a cold and I felt it was similar to a tonic.