The Apitherapy benefits of Propolis, the Beehive’s Defender and Royal Jelly, the superfood of the Queen Bee, in encapsulated and concentrated form. Recommended for those in need of a natural antibiotic and boost to the immune system. Suitable for diabetics.
Propolis Capsules Propolis Capsules 

Propolis & Pollen Capsules, the Hive’s defender, used by the bees to maintain good health and fight infection.

Price: 11.50
Royal Jelly Capsules Royal Jelly Capsules 

Royal Jelly Capsules, the richest food found in Nature, concentrated nutrition in a daily capsule.

Price: 11.50
Tincture of Propolis Tincture of Propolis 

Tincture of Propolis, the powerful Beehive’s defender, ready for internal or external application.

Price: 8.50