Royal Jelly Honey

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The Superfood of the Queen Bee.

Royal Jelly has been associated with good health, longevity and beauty throughout history.

Now it has an even more important application in our modern-day lifestyles.

Often used as an “immuno-boost”, this remarkable substance has been shown to have significant antibiotic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Royal Jelly is rich in many micronutrients and has long been used to assist in improving fertility, hormonal balance & sexual appetite in both sexes.

The presence of Pantothenic acid may also help sustain the memory and counter the effects of stress, whilst Gelatin, the precursor of collagen, also contained within Royal Jelly, helps to support the substructure of the skin.

Our Royal Jelly Honey, made with Welsh wildflower honey, is recommended for those looking to support fertility, as an assist in hormonal balancing, an aid to memory & reducing cholesterol and as an antidote to stress, both physically & mentally.

A teaspoon a day of Royal Jelly Honey Complex supplies a typical daily allowance of 350mg and provides you with a natural, energising supplement to aid well-being.

227g Pot

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