Therapy Honeys
Wildflower & botanical honeys fortified with the nutritional, protective, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory benefits of Royal Jelly, Propolis, Venom and Vitamins.

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Propolis Honey
Propolis Honey

A combination of wildflower and botanical honeys and the beehive’s defender, Propolis, makes this complex a powerful weapon in the fight against infection.

In Nature, the bees collect Propolis, an extraordinary resin, to make an antiseptic “putty”. The most studied of all the beehive products, science can prove why it is so invaluable for “modern day” illnesses.

It has been shown to be a natural, powerful antiseptic agent and can help to fight infection and build a strong immune system.

Take one or two teaspoonfuls of Propolis Honey Complex a day to ensure the best of health. It can also be applied externally to wounds.

227g Pot

Price: 6.95

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