Honey & Pollen
The energy and protection of the beehive with the added power and nutrition from the flower, bioavailable in delicious, easily-assimilated forms. Strongly recommended for allergy sufferers.

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B-Elixir Complex
B-Elixir Complex

A combination of Wildflower and Botanical Honeys, Pollen and Propolis.

Honey is the ultimate natural energiser. Slow-release single sugars, (fructose and glucose) in honey mean less stress on the pancreas and a more sustained release of energy to the body.

Pollen has six times the protein of beefsteak and is an excellent nutritional supplement, especially for vegetarians. It has a natural enzyme present called Quercetin, which inhibits histamine production, so useful for those sensitised to airborne pollen.

Propolis is the bees’ defender, full of plant phytochemicals that are antiviral, antibiotic and anti-fungal. B-Elixer Complex is a natural, nutritious energy boost for all the family, fit or recuperating.

As with all honeys, not suitable for infants under a year old.

227g Pot

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