Tortoise Goes For A Spin

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Tortoise Goes For a Spin, is the first adventure in the 'Summer House Stories' collection.

Zola and Pogo the penguin twins go off in search of their old friend Tortoise when they find his home, The Hollow, empty and he is nowhere to be found. They ask all their friends in the garden but no one has seen him all day. Where could he be? 

POCKET SIZE: h 17.5cm x w 12.5cm

The conception!

Sitting in the warm sunshine and peace of my country garden during Lockdown, I thought it would be fun to make a video for my grandchildren on the other side of the world. The characters for the stories are developed from toys my children had left behind in The Old Summer House and others that had taken up residence in the garden over the years.

During that hot summer I wrote two stories and made three videos to accompany them and they seemed to go down well with family and friends of all ages!

If you have little ones to entertain, then why not visit my videos on YouTube.

Summer House Intro.  ...a short introduction to all the inhabitants of The Old Summer House and the rambling garden.

Tortoise Goes for a Spin.  ...Pogo, Zola and Tiger go off in search of Tortoise. "Where could he be?"

A Tiny Green Surprise  ...Pogo and Zola help Boar cross the stream to the wild wood and make a new friend along the way. "What a lovely surprise!"

The stories are full of garden & woodland animals, birds and insects and the adventures they have when the sun shines and the south wind blows. 

If you enjoy reading your little ones a bedtime story, then I have a limited number of the first printing of 'Tortoise Goes For A Spin' and 'A Tiny Green Surprise'.

They are gorgeous little books with custom watercolour covers, and lovely pictures taken from the videos on the inside. At £5 each, they would make a delightful birthday or Christmas present.

From everyone in The Old Summer House and the rambling garden... all our best wishes to you, 



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    Tortoise goes for a spin book

    Posted by Denise Roberts on 19th Nov 2021

    I have bought as a gift but really enjoyed reading it myself before giving. Beautiful illustrations.