26.04.09Message from Moises
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Please, share this information with your colleagues and all interested people.

[ENG] Friends, there is a lethal epidemics of swine flu resulting to the present in tens of deaths in Mexico and presently extended to California, Texas, New York,etc. Apitherapy can help a good deal by ingesting ad libitum water + honey + propolis, and other bee products. This is the moment for sugesting the consumption of propolis/honey candies, and mixes of honey + propolis, pollen, etc.
But do not forget to drink a lot of water and avoid any skin/mucosa contacts (wash frequently your hands, etc.).

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24.03.09March Winds
 March winds do blow,
And we may yet have snow,
And what will the robin do then, poor thing.
But for now it is Spring,
With the bees on the wing,
And the Hive set ready to Go!
09.10.08The Lazy Angler
 Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton extolled the virtues of “Honey & breadcrumb paste for the carp fisherman” who “cannot be at their post, early or late,” in their work “The Complete Angler” of 1854. Although chastising the lazy angler for their tardiness, it seems that their “Sweet Paste” was a recipe for success, no matter what time the angler arrives on the bank. Tight lines!!
12.09.08The Bee's Bounty
 "Thank you, Blossom, for your nectar sweet",
"Thank you, Bees, for your work complete".
Autumn's bounty falls to our feet,
The taste of life is hard to beat.
09.09.08Plant a Bee a Bulb…..
 The sound of falling acorns hitting the lean-to roof remind me that autumn is just a breath away. The sound of bees humming amongst the thyme and mints in the garden seems a distant memory now and my hopes are that they have enough stores to see them safely through till spring.

Now is the time to combine our love of bees and the garden and …..
Plant a Bee a Bulb.
Spring flowers are especially important to bees and often provide them with all-important pollen long before there is nectar to gather.
They love to have fun amongst the snowdrops, crocuses and hyacinths, so if you have a little spare space in the garden, especially a sunny spot, please ….Plant a Bee a Bulb.
02.08.08Bees are precious!
 Here in Pembrokeshire a small lottery grant is funding a special Queen-rearing program in an attempt to reverse the decline of the honeybee population.
Beelief Botanics will support our local beekeepers in any way we can. With their skill and using pockets of our surviving welsh bees, we hope a strain will emerge that can withstand the difficult environmental conditions of the modern world. Your support is vital, too. Lobby your local MP or MEP to highlight the plight of the honeybee. Bees are precious!