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Marjorie G - 30th October 2007

"My husband swears by your product, he has used it on his joints, & gets great relief, thank you."

Venaflex Bee Venom Balm
Venaflex Bee Venom Balm

Venaflex Bee Venom Balm is a warming, anti-inflammatory salve, handmade with pure Honeybee Venom to stimulate the body’s own anti-inflammatory response. Also contains botanical essences, including ginger and black pepper essential oils to encourage better circulation.

Bee Venom is used world wide to promote and maintain supple, pain-free joints, healthy ligaments and tendons and assist in recovery from sports injuries and inflammatory conditions.

Now in its tenth year of production, we have many favourable reports and testimonies to the efficacy of this crème from clients who use it in preference to artificial steroids.

50ml Pot Rheumatism Arthritis

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