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The Apitherapy benefits of Propolis, the Beehive’s Defender and Royal Jelly, the superfood of the Queen Bee, in encapsulated and concentrated form. Recommended for those in need of a natural antibiotic and boost to the immune system. Suitable for diabetics.

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Tincture of Propolis
Tincture of Propolis

Propolis is the Beehive’s defender, maintaining their health and keeping their hive sterile.

With over 180 active phyto-chemicals, Propolis is a complex, highly active, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

This natural antibiotic is the most scientifically studied of all the beehive products and is becoming increasingly important for compromised immune systems, especially where there is resistance to man-made antibiotics. Propolis is often taken at the onset of winter or when there is prior knowledge of a forthcoming hospital stay or travel by air. With ever more research into the benefits of Propolis being published, many are including this in their daily regime to maintain good health. Tincture of Propolis has a special affinity with the mouth and gums and is often used by dentists to promote good dental hygiene.

It is an ideal addition to the home medicine cabinet and has the added benefit of being able to be applied externally to wounds, stings and skin trauma.

With deference to those who wish to abstain from alcohol, this tincture is in a glycol base.

25ml Bottle Mouth Ulcers Cold Sores Sore Throats Colds Flu Cough

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