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Organic, SLS-free, honey shampoos and a Propolis Rich Conditioner for the daily maintenance of healthy hair and combating dry-scalp conditions. An olive oil, thyme honey, handmade soap to complement this range.

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Propolis Rich Conditioner
Propolis Rich Conditioner

Honey and tea tree oils are added to this conditioner base for dry and flaky scalp conditions, whilst the addition of Propolis, the “beehive defender” is a powerful, natural ingredient used by the bees to prevent infection.

Use regularly to restore the health of the scalp and counter the effects of modern day hair preparations.

200ml Bottle

Price: 4.50

Organic Heather Honey Shampoo

Organic Heather Honey Shampoo, SLS & parab...

Price: 5.50
Organic Heather Honey Shampoo