Customer Testimonials

Frances - 12th April 2008

"Bought your skin repair last year, amazing results on psoriasis on my legs, thank you."

Mark W - 30th August 2007

"I absolutely love the propolis repair crème – “Daddy’s special bee cream” is a great cure-all for the many scrapes and bumps that befall my 3 young boys; and their father too! "

Propolis Repair Crème
Propolis Repair Crème

Beelief Botanics Propolis Repair Creme is a powerful but gentle “First Aid Kit in a pot” with many applications for skin trauma, especially where there might be stubborn infection present.

This special crème is handmade from natural ingredients, suitable for all ages and skin types and can be used as often as required. It is highly recommended where the skin problem is chronic, persistent and “hard to heal”. Propolis Skin Repair Crème is an excellent “Travellers Companion” to combat sunburn, insect bites, stings and potential infection.

Propolis has proven antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties and is often called Nature’s Defender.

This is the most important and the most studied of all the beehive products.

Psoriasis Acne

Size: 50ml - £7.90
100ml - £14.50
200ml - £26.50
Price: 7.90

Tincture of Propolis

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Propolis Honey

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Price: 6.95
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