Hands and Feet
Rich, protective beeswax crèmes, to soothe and soften these hard working areas. A super-rich moisturiser for nails & cuticles.

Customer Testimonials

mrs jean tennant - 24th August 2009

"i have used hand creams for 40 years and this is the best ever"

Countrymans Handcrème
Countrymans  Handcrème

The wonderful protective nature of Beeswax combined with the botanical energy of honey, lavender and tea tree oils makes this natural, handmade crème ideal for skin that comes into contact with harsh chemicals, detergents, soil or prolonged immersion in water.

Beeswax provides a natural barrier, honey maintains the skin’s natural acid mantle that can be stripped away by detergents, whilst the crème can protect and replace lost oils that can result in painful cracked fingertips and knuckles. Propolis, “the bees defender”, present in our wax, can often work wonders with those little nicks and splits that are so painful.

We have especially formulated this crème with nurses, hairdressers, farmers, gardeners and hard working hands in mind.

50ml Pot

Price: 6.95

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