This is a small selection from the file that has built up over the years!

Emoliex Crème  

We were recommended your product by friends. My 9 month old daughter had an allergic reaction to some steroid crème prescribed by her doctor and has had disfigured broken skin on her neck for over 2 months. Other cremes recommended by the doctor had no effect. Your eczema crème cleared up the problem in just over a week. It’s a brilliant product and I’d just like to say thank you.


M Walker - Novermber 2007

Propolis Skin Repair Crème  

I have Acne rosacea and your propolis recovery crème is great espcially in winter as my skin has problems with extreme cold wind… have tried other stuff but this actually works… thanks to the bees guys!


P Jones - October 2007

Baby Beelief  

Have used some of your baby beelief cream on my baby boy’s rather spotty, dry arms and legs and it seems to help a great deal. He loves it too unfortunately and can’t help shoving his whole hand in the pot.


F Prestidge - October 2007

Tincture of Propolis  

I have had re-occuring tonsilitis for 12 months, after blood tests and 5 lots of antibiotics the Doctor has drawn a blank. After just one month of taking the Propolis there is a noticeable change in the swelling… and I do not appear to be having minor sore throats I was getting before. Fantastic.


S Williams - July 2007

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